Give the Gift of South Bend
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Give the Gift of South Bend

**This is a post we transferred over from our OG website. Original post date was March 18th, 2021.**
Give the Gift of South Bend

For someone unfamiliar with Annie Johnson’s business Take Care, South Bend, or the wave of subscription box businesses that have become popular over the last few years, describing it as a “to-your-door South Bend Farmer’s Market” might help paint a picture. Subscribers (or giftees) of her themed gift boxes receive an assortment of locally made products curated by Annie, herself. It's a great way to discover, sample, and support local small businesses - many that are just starting out. In the case of Take Care’s Young Entrepreneurs Box, business owners as young as 9 years old are getting a chance to showcase their products to the Bend!

Take Care, South Bend was created out of Annie’s love for the 574 and its local businesses, which now gives her gift box customers a chance to share their love for the city and its local makers, as well. That might be to an out-of-state friend you want to entice to move here 😉, your college student who could use a piece of back home while they’re away, or someone who you just want to surprise with goodies (even if that someone is you!)

It’s fun and eye opening to go on Take Care’s website and browse the different themed boxes Annie has filled with unique items from the talented local creators she's partnered with! Nothing sums up Take Care's commitment to local and sustainability (which is a big factor in choosing partnerships) like the shredded South Bend Tribune you'll notice being used as filling.

With Easter coming up, Take Care's Fantasy Fun Pack, Spring Special, and Fun in a Bun boxes are filled with Easter themed items that are sure to be appreciated - from places like Sanaa Chocolates, Soapy Gnome, Apothica Teas, Feltie Addiction, and more.

Take Care, South Bend offers different delivery options like hand delivery, pick-up, and shipping - depending on what’s contained in the box.

If you’d like a chance to put together your own box, Take Care is partnering with the South Bend Children’s Museum for an Easter Basket Design Bar on March 20th, 2021 with proceeds going to the museum.

You can follow along for future pop-up events and updates on Take Care, South Bend’s Facebook Page.

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